Successful return projects - your contribution helps directly!

Our bank details:

Vision Yamalé e.V.
VR Bank Rosenheim-Chiemsee
IBAN: DE80 7116 0000 0008 0905 48

You can deduct the donation for tax.

We may also need donations in kind for our projects. If you can donate tools, please contact us via our contact form!

A large part of our expenditure (more than 85%) is directly spent in the projects in West Africa, e.g. for the purchase of a car, for working materials or advertising materials. Vision Yamalé manages with a very lean voluntary administration, so the costs for association work and fundraising can be kept low. Nevertheless, there are expenses, e.g. for our virtual infrastructure, for flyers and posters or for hall rental for events.

Please mention the project you want to support when making the transfer or use the contact form or to send a short message in addition to the donation.

For each of our projects, we are in very close personal contact with the project staff in Africa. Each investment is discussed in advance. If it fits into the project plan, the association’s board of directors decides whether and to what extent the investment will be supported. Afterwards, the beneficiaries in Africa send purchase receipts, photos and films and inform us directly and promptly about the further course of the project.

Vision Yamalé e.V. is a non-profit association, so your donation is tax deductible. For amounts up to €300, your bank statement is sufficient for presentation to the tax office. If you wish to donate larger amounts, please contact us after payment, via our contact form or by email to so that we can send you a donation certificate.

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