Project: Setting up a grocery shop

Origin in Germany: Aschau / Chiemgau

His Mission: Building livelihoods, creating jobs and training young people

Return: Deportation in December 2020

Current Status: Fund raising started


  • Start-up capital for setting up and equipping the shop and buying the first foodstuffs wholesale
  • Money for the rent of the shop


Samuel Ayo Tosin has been living in Aschau, Germany, where he went to school. On the night of 10 December 2020, he was torn from his sleep by the police. A few hours later he was on a plane to Nigeria, together with Stanley Abikphi. At this time, he was just preparing his volontary return to Nigeria. As part of a business start-up programme run by the Social Impact association, he was working on a plan that would enable him to quickly regain his footing in Nigeria. Due to the forced repatriation, he was not only caught off guard and could not finish working out this plan, he also forfeited his entitlement to the absolutely necessary financial aid. 

Samuel is able to stay with relatives in Ibadan for the time being and has somewhat modified the plan he started in Germany. He now wants to open a grocery store and sell rice, beverages, as well as everyday items such as telephone cards. With his open, communicative manner and his feeling for what young people like to consume, he will certainly be successful.

Vision Yamalé e.V. gave him financial start-up aid. Now the association supports Samuel in drawing up his business plan and encourages him to develop an individual profile for his business so that it will flourish and he will soon be able to employ more people. Despite the traumatic experience at the end, Samuel should derive as much benefit as possible from his stay in Germany for himself and the people around him.

Now Samuel urgently needs start-up capital so that his business plan can become a successful business