The Prien Model



Our purpose:

  • Coaching and supporting migrants from West Africa who want to return to their countries of origin in order to create a livelihood and business opportunities for themselves.

Our principle:

  • Working together with migrants at eye level (see Yamlé)

Our objectives:

  • Developing lighthouse projects which show that success in the home countries is possible
  • Creating prospects in the home countries for the returnee, his or her family, employees and community.
  • Funding innovations in economic, social and cultural areas.

Our method:

  • Making contact with the returnees
  • Creating teams to support the projects
  • Creating a business plan in cooperation with the programme „StartHope@Home“ by the coaching agency Social Impact
  • Joined fundraising (presentations by the returnees, donation campaigns etc.)
  • Accompanying the returnees and continued project support in the home countries
  • Start-up funding at the beginning, afterwards staggered provision of donations depending on the development of the project

Anticipated long-term effects:

  • Creating a better understanding within the German population for the challenges in the home countries of the returnees and for political and economic coherences in the area of migration and development cooperation
  • Building steady relationships that lay the ground for an ethical economic cooperation between Germany and the home countries of the returnees in accordance with the Agenda 2030.

You find further information in our Guidelines: