True dialogue requires the recognition of the other in both their uniqueness and their differentness.
(Alassane Ndaw, African philosopher, 1922-2013, Translation from French)

Quick overview in facts and figures

  • Where? Senegal, Diamniadio (Dakar)
  • What?
    • Establishing a shop for electrical and mechanical appliances
    • Electrical installations (inhouse electronics)
    • Training electricians
  • When? Planned for Spring 2021
  • Status: Fundraising


  • Where? Senegal, Dakar
  • What? Establishing a cleaning business
  • When? Started October 2020
  • Status: Fundraising
  • Who? 90 women from Wasalung
    Where? Gambia; Janjangbureh
  • What? Building a solar powered pump to improve growing of vegetables
  • When? Start planned for October 2020
  • Status: Fundraising


  • Where? Senegal; Kaffrine
  • What?
    • Establishing a farm with vegetable growing and chicken farming
    • Building and operating a restaurant
    • Establishing an event room with catering service
    • Operating a delivery truck
  • When? November 2017 to August 2019


  • Where? Nigeria; Benin City
  • What?
    • Creating livelyhood as ornamental blacksmith
    • Establishing a shop for welding materials
  • When? Started October 2019
  • Status: Aktiv


  • Where? Nigeria, Benin City
  • What? Establishing an auto repair shop
  • When? Started February 2020
  • Status: Fundraising, active


Our Projects

Demba Tounkara, an electrician, returns to Senegal

Doua Thiam has lived in Germany for more than 30 years and has now returned to Dakar to establish a cleaning business.

Wasulung Women Garden in Janjanbureh

Babakar Segnane, a senegalese farmer, came to Prien am Chiemsee in 2015. In November 2017, he returned to Senegal, where he established his own farming business.

Felix Fred, a ornamental blacksmith from Nigeria, came to Germany in 2015 and returned to Benin City in October 2019.

Efe Osas returns to Nigeria – read about his current project.

Are you interested in workshops or counselling?

We are happy to give advice to other local communities and volunteers that plan return projects for West African countries.

If requested, we offer presentations and workshops on these topics.

Please contact us under

Helke Fussell bei einem Vortrag über Rückkehrer Babakar Segnane

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"Race to Feed the World"

Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung hat im Rahmen ihres Projektes „Race to Feed the World“ auch Babakar Segnane begleitet. Sowohl bei seinen letzten Momenten in Deutschland als auch bei seinem Neuanfang im Senegal. Das komplette Projekt finden Sie auf den Seiten der FAZ.

Helke Fussell besucht Babakar 2018 im Senegal um die Projektfortschritte zu betrachten.
(Videobeitrag zum Artikel in der FAZ von Caspar Schwietering)

Babakar Segnane möchte den Menschen in seinem Dorf helfen, so wie ihm die Deutschen geholfen haben. Denn für ihn ist besonders eines wichtig: Entwicklung für alle.
(Videobeitrag zum Artikel in der FAZ von Caspar Schwietering)