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Return to the home country with business plan

At eye level with Africans

Prime am Kinze

Babakar’s successful course

Refugee to return to Nigeria

Babakar’s Projects
August 2019

At eye level
Issue 25/2020

New start for Efe at „Babenshamer Platz“

"Race to Feed the World"

The newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung accompanied Babakar Segnane as part of their project “Race to Feed the World” during his last months in Germany and his new start in Senegal. You can read about the full project on the FAZ website.

Helke Fussell visits Babakar in Senegal in 2018 to observe the progress of the project. (Video contribution for the FAZ article by Caspar Schwietering)

Babakar Segnane wants to help the people from his village, just as the Germans has helped him. For him, one thing is particularly important: development for everyone. (Video contribution for the FAZ article by Caspar Schwietering)