Women’s Project in Gambia

In 2013, the Wassulung Women Garden was founded as a cooperative in Janjanbureh, a village on an island in Gambia River. Today, 90 women till their own small fields there, assure the livelihood of their families from their yields and cover the basic needs of their community.

Due to the acute water shortage, the existing wells in the garden run dry during the day when rainy season is over and only have a little water from 2 am onwards. That means that the women have to water their onions, the only vegetables growing under these circumstances, at night-time between 2 am and 4 am.

In our project, we want to install a borewell 30 metres deep with a solar-powered pump that pumps the water from the borewell into a water container. In this way, the women will have access to the irrigation from the container and can water their plants at any time. No longer will they have to get up at night and tie their babies to their back just to water the garden.