Demba Tounkara – The Project

At the moment, Demba works as an electrician in training in Prien. He expects to take his final exams in February 2021.

After his graduation, he wants to return to his hometown Diamniadio in Senegal. His dream is to establish his own electric shop, where he could sell electrical and mechanical appliances. He also plans to accept orders for electrical installations (mostly inhouse electronics) and train co-workers. Demba has already developed a business plan for his project.

Demba has a vision for Senegal. In his business, he wants to implement modern safety standards, how he has got to know them in Germany. In this way, he will contribute to the prevention of frequent electrical accidents in Senegal. By training other employees, Demba wants to pass on his knowledge acquired in Germany.

Demba’s dream of setting up his own electric shop in Senegal not only creates training vacancies and workplaces, but also contributes to the improvement of safety standards in his home country.

Demba Tounkara bei der Arbeit