Felix Fred – The Project

Prien: Felix from Benin City, Nigeria

Felix Fred is an ornamental blacksmith from Nigeria who came to Germany in 2015 due to his unpromising career prospects in his home country. In Germany, he wanted to earn enough money to be able to work self-employed in Nigeria.

Shattered dreams

He immediately found a job as welder and was highly respected by his employer. Nevertheless, he was stripped of his work permit after only a short period of time. Subsequently, he was only on welfare and still had to support his family in Nigeria. This is why he lacked the opportunity to earn his start-up funds for his independence in Nigeria on his own.

A second chance

When his asylum application was rejected, together with Vision Yamalé, Felix developed a project plan to set up a business in his home country. He received support for preparations and fundraising from us. In October 2019, Felix eventually returned to Benin City.